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Zombie’s Dodge

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Instruções Traduzidas

Enjoy this unique game by surviving the zombies from fire. Alight yourself in more challenge by entering in more challenging levels.. Instructions: Use left & right arrow keys for move the fire zone...


Desfrute este jogo único por sobreviver aos zumbis do fogo. Saia-se em mais um desafio ao entrar em níveis mais desafiantes .. Instruções: Use as setas esquerda e direita para mover a zona de fogo ...

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1 Comment

  1. Maurizio disse:

    Since tomorrow’s the drop off date I spspoue I should get this in. Zombies vs Vampires. I’ve always believed the zombies would win. My scenario depends on certain facts, though, and here they are. One: a zombie can be made in a few hours. One bite and the person is killed, and a few hours later (maybe three tops) is shambling around looking for brains. Two: a vampire cannot be made in anything less than three days, with five at the longest. A person must be drained dry and receive the vampire’s blood in return, must die, go through whatever changes necessary while dead to become a vampire, and then have its first meal. Three: a new vampire must drain a human to the killing point to live every night for its first year. So. We start with five vampires and five zombies. In the same city of maybe 50k. Pros of the vampires: They’re smart. They have more access to money. They look like us. These five vampires are old enough to not kill every time they feed, but need to feed at least once every three nights. Pros of the zombies: They can be awake anytime. They have a single mission, to eat. They don’t need rest. To kill one, the head must be completely destroyed. They can eat vampires. Cons of the vampires: Only up at night. They’re no smarter than the human they were. Creating new vampires lowers the number of humans (food) and ups the number of competition for the food. They cannot eat zombies. Cons of the zombies: They’re stupid. They’re obviously zombies to everyone but stupid movie actors following a script.Why I think zombies win: Pretend it takes two hours to make a zombie. If the five zombies start out at noon on the first day of a month, by the time the five vampires get up roughly 12 hours later there’s been time for six new generations of new zombies. If a person is bitten by a zombie, they run away. But even if they get away, many will still get bitten and thus infected. So if it takes maybe ten people for a zombie to get a full meal, with five unbitten and running away, four bitten but escaping, and one loser in the bunch who gets bitten and brain eaten, that’s five new zombies and five more people the vampires can’t eat. If all the zombies follow this pattern, in 12 hours we get a lot of new zombies by the time the vamps have woken up. Okay. So now it’s 12 hours later and the vamps are up. I doubt the zombie issue would concern them, if they knew about it at all. This is still a city of 50,000 people. So for maybe a week they feed, chat, backstab, maybe create a new vamp or two to lackey around. One week is 168 hours. By the time the vamps notice the zombies, it’s likely more than half the population has become one. Feeding is scarce and the vamps are regretting those new kids they made. But since there’s too many zombies, they start with killing off each other. Three nights pass and maybe four get killed off. So of the five that started and the ten new vamps they made, eleven remain, with one original vamp dead. They form two groups to start killing off the zombies. By now 4/5 of the city are zombies and the humans left are hard to find, holed up with canned goods and pointed shovels. It is impossible for the humans to keep off all the zombies, and it is impossible for the vampires to kill all the zombies, just because of numbers. Even if they kill off all but a few, those handful left will continue making new zombies. Because those humans left holed up need food, water, appropriate clothing, and protection, not to mention gas, batteries, fire sources, and tools. They venture out. They get caught. Bitten. And now they have to fight the vampires too, looking for them as food sources. The vamps capture a few humans to have new soldiers in their fight, but also create more competition. In the stupid event the humans and vamps cooperate, one human per vamp is still being sacrificed every night, as the older vamps are overfeeding for extra strength during battle.So, in the end, the zombies win. They cannot be all killed, even if large groups are killed at once. The humans must still put themselves in capture situations, either by zombie or vampire. If the vamps make more vamps, they lose a food source, and if they kill off each other, they’ve done the job for the scenario. Even if one vamp lives, it is faced with a dwindling food supply, and if it manages to hoard a few humans, a pint of human blood takes four to six weeks to replace itself. So eventually the humans lose, the vampires starve, and the zombies win.

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